Quilt blocks I have completed so far


Most of the blocks I am resizing to 4 or 8 inches. I thought this would work better as I save on material, and it means when I am done I should be able to make the blocks into 2 quilts as opposed to 100 or more if they were full-sized. 

I have learnt so much already from the blocks I have done so far. I am starting to get more picky about which way I press the seams as otherwise the smaller blocks get to picky. I am also starting to realise which colour combinations work better than others.

Blocks are below in a gallery. The captions don’t seem to have shown up, but if you hang your mouse over the picture it will show you the block name. At some point when I get more of a hang of the whole blogging thing I will try to put in a proper gallery/slide show.

I am off now to read my first two pages of Being and Nothingness, and to cut out a whole load of blocks ready to sew during the week, that and vacuuming all the threads off my floor.

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