Just starting into the discussion in Being and Nothingness on consciousness. Sartre claims that every consciousness of something outside of itself has to also be self-consciousness. However, the way he goes on to describe what he means seems to indicate that he doesn’t think that there are two separate things, consciousness of a thing and self-consciousness, but that these two types of consciousness are in fact just two different aspects of one thing. Though perhaps aspects is not the right word as he is quite clear that they are different from properties like colour or size.

There is an example I have seen used in another context concerning the planet venus and how it is sometimes also known as the morning star. When you look at Venus you are also looking at the morning star. Looking at the morning star is an inseparable part of looking at Venus. Sartre argues that in the same way consciousness of object and consciousness of self are inseparably connected.

I’m not sure that I agree entirely that consciousness of something has to be consciousness of self. As somewhat of a day dreamer there are occasions when I do things without really being conscious of myself as doing them. I.e. I look down to realise the box of chocolates is empty and I know I must have eaten them, I awake from a reverie to find myself at my destination without having being conscious of the trip. There must be consciousness at some level of objects (chocolate, roads etc.) in order to be able to carry out the task, yet at the same time there doesn’t seem to be consciousness of self as observing those objects. While it is true that if you stopped me and asked me what I was doing I might reply eating chocolate, or going to x place, but if you were to do that I would no longer be doing the chocolate eating or the going places I would be reflecting on my actions, I would be making myself the object of consciousness. I’m not sure whether my ability to respond accurately to the question means that at some level I was conscious of self as carrying out those actions. It is possible I am just deducing what I was doing from where I am now.

Three blocks for the day are below. I think I am going to get into trouble at some point because I am unconsciously doing the easy ones first. At some point I am going to have to tackle the one with the really tiny bits.


57 Puss in the Corner

39 Anvil

56 Yankee Charm


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