Cutting out


I have to say that the worst part of this whole process (besides the fact that I am subjecting you all to Sartre) is the cutting out.

I spent most of today cutting out blocks, enough to last me for the whole week ahead. My back and shoulders are stiff from rotary cutting and my feet are sore from standing up for so long. Not to mention the heat. It was only 29C today, but the humidity was about 85%, which made it very sticky and uncomfortable.

I do enjoy choosing which colours to put with which other colours though, and I am quite enjoying the process of redrafting the blocks to make them smaller, and figuring out what shapes I need to cut out from which fabric.

The upshot of all this though is that I finished no blocks today. In terms of pictures, you are going to have to make do with this picture of my pile of blocks cut up and sitting in their individual plastic bags.

Being and Nothingness is going well. It is starting to make more sense, but that could just be that I am getting used to the style of it. Most of the bit I was reading today was dismissing the ideas of Husserl, and trying to demonstrate that while the being of consciousness has been established, the being of objects outside of consciousness still needs grounding in something. Sartre tries to do this using the being of consciousness as the starting point. The argument so far seems to be that if consciousness is by nature consciousness of something that is outside consciousness, then there has to be something outside consciousness. I am hoping that he goes into this in a bit more depth in the pages to come, as I am not very convinced so far.

The one bit that did stand out to me was Sartre’s conviction that consciousness could not be purely physical. I don’t know how well this claim would stand up to modern brain science.



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