13 December 2010


Okay, we have established the being of things, through the being of consciousness. Or at least we have if we believe Sartre. His whole argument seems to rest on the idea that consciousness has to be consciousness of something. I am still not really convinced of that. The second problem for me is that in spite of all this, according to Sartre we still cannot access the being of a thing through conscious experience. We can only get to the meaning of the being of the thing. So say for example I am looking at a quilt, my consciousness allows me to experience the quilt and the why and how of the quilt, but not the essential quiltiness, that I can only get glimpses of. However, it is possible I am being to demanding.  Perhaps the quilt and the meaning of the existence of the quilt are enough.

The quilt blocks today were a struggle. The first involved much unpicking. The third is not the size I thought it was going to be. I must have calculated the part size wrong when I was redrafting. However, I have decided I am not going to redo. I said I was going to make 1000 blocks, I didn’t say how big they were going to be, and to be honest it is one of my favourite to date.  

I am off to sew some more before I call it a night, to see if I can get a bit ahead because I have decided the sewing machine needs to go in for service before Christmas. The tension is playing up. So the machine man is coming to pick it up on Wednesday. It means some down time, but if I do it now I will hopefully have a beautifully running machine for my week off.

84 Crossed Roads

77 The Seasons

85 Brickwork


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