19 December 2010

Nothing to add really on the Sartre front. He is still going on about negation and whether nothingness is an actual thing. I’m still trying to figure out what nothingness is.
On the quilting front, I have to say I am not really happy with the results of the hand piecing I am doing. Maybe that’s because I am not very good at it. The seams aren’t matching up as well as I would like, and every thing seems to go all stretchy even when I pin. The seams are bulkier too, even after they are ironed.                                                                                                 
I did manage to finish two blocks today though. Slightly wonky, but better than nothing I guess. The added bonus is I managed to watch about 5 episodes of season 3 of Trueblood while I was doing it. Though I don’t know whether that is totally a good thing or not.  Usually the only cogent thought I am left with after watching it is: “My God, Alexander Skarsgard is a beautiful man”. It puts a dent in the philosophising somewhat. 

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