22 December 2010


Am still wading through bits of the book on being and nothingness and the relation between the two. At the moment Sartre is looking at what Heidegger thinks about the whole thing. Apparently he thinks that we need nothingness in order to get to being, but facing nothingness brings us anguish. So, if we want to know the truth, we have to be prepared to face the misery that goes with it I guess.

I am getting a little frustrated with the style of language. I mean, really, who uses the word posteriority? Why would you, when you could just as easily say it comes after. I guess most of my experience in writing stuff has always been for a broader audience and I was always taught to be wary of making things more excessively complicated than they need to be.

There are only two blocks today. While the sewing machine is working beautifully after being serviced, unfortunately lots of stuff ended up on the unpicking pile because I sewed it together in the wrong order.

68 Indian Chief

79 King's cross


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