Are we free? I sometimes feel like we are free in some ways but not in others. For example, I have till the 4th of January off work so I am free to do what I want. However, since we are about to run out of peak time download on our internet plan I can only use the internet between 12 midnight and noon. Though I suppose I still have a choice, I could choose to surf the net at night and take us over the limit, resulting in a reduced download speed for the rest of the month. Perhaps freedom is not having unlimited choice, but real choice of the options before you.

Why am I rambling on about freedom you may ask? It came up in Being and Nothingness. Freedom and Nothingness are intertwined. The argument goes that nothingness is not being, but needs a kind of being to support it. Nothingness comes from people, we create it. Though I am not really sure that create is the right word. Probably more apt to say that we are the being that supports nothingness. What that means though is that because nothingness cannot come from being, in order to be the being that supports nothingness we have to be more than just being. We have to be free.

I am still not sure that I understand all the arguments behind this thinking, but I think that is pretty cool. I have to confess that I have been wondering what the point was of all this rambling about being and nothingness, but freedom is something I can understand as being a worthy end. I am feeling a lot more interested in what the rest of the book might hold than I was before I read this bit.

I did manage to get some sewing done yesterday.  

83 Children of Israel. The little strips in red are appliqued on. They were supposed to be in the yellow background fabric but I didn't think it showed up as well so I swapped it for the red.

66 Album 4 patch

86 Providence Block 1


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