28 December 2010


Another day and it seems like nothing much has happened. It is still raining, JP is still going on about nothingness.

I suppose you have to be grateful for the small things. At least we are not experiencing flooding like many others here in Queensland. 

I did get to some sewing yesterday. I also took myself off to the shops to get some more fabric and did a bit of cutting out, including some cutting out for English paper piecing. I am actually quite looking forward to have some hand sewing to do.

I also put together a new blog page, which you can see under the blogroll heading at the right, which has a gallery of all my quilt blocks in one place. So you don’t have to go through all the rants about Sartre if you just want quilt blocks 🙂

48 Coffin Star

67 Alaska. The brown bits were meant to be in the light blue fabric, but I forgot to cut them out and didn't realise until I started to sew, by then I had no blue left so I subbed the brown. I don't think it looks too bad.

93 Grandmother's Own 1


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