More cutting out and anguish


I haven’t done a lot of sewing, but I have done an awful lot of cutting out. I have a huge pile of plastic bags with bits in ready to sew. I have to say it is my least favourite part of the process, but I am looking at it from the perspective that if I get as much cutting out done while I have some time off I can get much more sewing done when I am back at work.

Being and Nothingness is all about anguish at the moment. Which is not what I would have traditionally thought of as anguish, but then I have not given the idea a great deal of thought.

I always thought of anguish more as suffering and probably more mental suffering than physical. For Sartre anguish is fear in the face of yourself, as opposed to fear in the face of things outside your self. I.e. you may be facing a physically dangerous situation and be rightly fearful of physical harm, but any anguish you feel is about how you will cope, about whether you think you are going to be brave enough. So technically it is impossible for someone else to cause you anguish? I’m not so sure, I think given the social nature of people it is possible that through our treatment of them we could cause them to doubt themselves, we could, and probably have, carried out mental torture. I think something like bullying might fall into this category.

Not a cheery topic I have to admit, but kind of interesting to think about. Perhaps all those positive thinking, self-help gurus have it right, you can’t change another person but you can change how you think about them and how you respond to their behaviour.

130 Flyfoot 3. This block was English paper pieced.

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