More about anguish


More about anguish. This time anguish as caused by infinite possibilities. Imagine I have spent years making a beautiful quilt, according to JP I might feel anguish because there is always the possibility that I will deliberately set fire to the quilt (he uses the example of throwing yourself off a cliff). Whatever my motivation to not set fire to the quilt, the amount of time I put into making it, my considerations of the hundreds of dollars of materials that went into it, the possibility will always remain that I will set fire to the quilt. That is the curse of freedom, we live with the fear of infinite possibilities.

I’m not sure about this one, as I’m not sure about a lot of what JP is saying. I have always toyed with the idea that we are much more determined than we would like to think that we are, that many of our actions are determined by our past experiences, our childhood. As humans part of our evolutionary success has been our ability to learn and remember. We respond to a new person we meet in a certain way because they remind us of another person we like or hate. We instinctively respond to foods of certain colours, smells because we have had them before and know they are good. We wouldn’t set fire to the quilt because we remember lessons from our childhood about not being wasteful, about respecting hard work.  

I have to concede though, that  just because we don’t use our freedom doesn’t mean we don’t have it. There is nothing stopping me from setting fire to the quilt except myself.

I did manage to get some sewing done yesterday. I am really liking the new fabric that I bought on Monday. I don’t think that I like it as much as the Old Primrose Inn range I have been using, but I think that there is a great contrast between the colours that make the blocks work better, particularly the ones with the blues.  


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