1 January 2011


I have to confess I have always felt a little ambivalent about new year. I am not entirely sure whether I am meant to be celebrating the start of something new or just the fact that I managed to make it through another year in one piece. I guess you can do both, but really you can do both on any day of the year of your choosing.

I managed to do some sewing today, not as much as I would have liked, and I did some cutting out too. I am trying to pace myself. I am finding if I do too much and don’t give myself a break to focus on other things I start to hate it. It becomes a chore.

I am considering buying a delightfully impractical house. It is a tiny 150 year old, one bedroom cottage. Impractical because being only one bedroom the resale market will be small if I ever want to sell it, and the rear half of the block of land it is on is subject to one in one hundred year floods, plus it has no screens, and most of the windows are louvres so I probably can’t put them in. I would have to put up with mosquitos and flys if I want the windows open. But it would have enough room for me, my sewing gear, my books and has a large kitchen. So I have food, reading and fabric covered, what more do I need. I wonder if Being and Nothingness has any advice about home buying, some how I don’t think so, and it seems to be lacking an index, so I can’t really check.

121 Crown of Thorns

107 Flying Clouds

103 Railroad


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