8 January 2011


Yes I know I am probably completely nuts, but I finally gave up trying to sleep at 10 to six this morning and got up, despite it being a weekend, and did some sewing. 

Two and a half hours later I am caught up on everything that I was going to do last night, including having plowed through the remainder of Sartre’s assessment of psychoanalysis. Being and Nothingness was first published in the 1940s and I have heard that psychoanalysis has changed a lot since the days of Freud.  I wish I knew enough about it to know how well the modern field would stand up to the criticism he levels at it.

And…I promise to be a more diligent  blogger from now on, and a more accurate piecer. Some of the blocks I have been making lately are not that great in terms of getting all my seams to match and its no good doing all these blocks if they are so badly made that I don’t want to use them for anything afterwards.  

Here are the blocks I finished this morning, and I am off to have some breakfast and to do some house shopping.

111 Toad in the Puddle

102 Four-Patch Jacob's Ladder

98 Double Card Tricks

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