Bad Faith


I am struggling somewhat with the topic of bad faith, but I think it might just be Sartre’s examples that are annoying me some what.

From what I can gather a woman who goes on a date with a man and takes his behaviour at face value, without taking into account the fact that he probably wants to have sex with her, is guilty of bad faith. If she knew for certain that he did and was ignoring it perhaps she would be, but how well can you be expected to know someone elses mind and intentions? How can you ever know for sure what someone else wants? The truth is you can’t. The man might have asked the woman out to make his ex girlfiend jealous, or to hide the fact that he is gay from his family. Surely the whole point of going out with someone is to find out what their intentions actually are and not to make presumptions. If bad faith is lying to yourself then I’m not sure that this covers it.

On a completely different topic, I am trying to think of a way to track my progress in achieving my goals. I thought I would try statistics but they are a little too depressing at the moment. For example I have completed 121 blocks out of 1000, so I am 12.1% of the way there and I have read 12.36% of the book. It actually makes it sound like I haven’t done very much at all.

Though I did do three blocks today.

143 Kentucky Chain

135 Free Trade

140 Farm Fields

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  1. Well you can’t expect much out of Sartre on the subject of women, just look athow he treated Simone de Beauvoir. One of the reasons I generally avoid philosphers – most of them are complete bastards.

    And 12% is actually pretty good – we’re not 12% of the way through the year after all.

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