16 January 2011


Had some wins today, and more losses. Most of the books I thought I had been able to save were starting to go mouldy and disgusting. Even if they looked okay, they must have got damp. The only one left is Modern Moral and Political Philosophy. It is another one I have been meaning to read for ages.

However, My sister in-law kindly lent me her sewing machine, so I have been trying a little sewing this afternoon.

My first block was all wrong. The centre bit on point was too small for the outside triangles.

I think mostly because I cut it wrong. In the book, the squares in the centre were made up of smaller squares and triangles but I thought I could save some time by redrafting. Obviously didn’t work, so I have unpicked and will recut the middle bit.

It is taking a little getting used to a different machine, especially as there is no 1/4 inch foot so I am trying to go off the measurements on the machine. My next block was slightly more successful but not completely right, too small. So I am going to have to work on my seams a little bit.

119 Noon Light

This is one I english paper pieced.

106 Hayes Corner

I am back at work tomorrow, and have a much longer train journey to get there from where I am staying than usual. Doesn’t matter too much, I will take Being and Nothingness with me and see if I can get some reading done on the train.


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