Great Gran’s baking bowl


A couple of years back my mother gave me this big ceramic baking bowl. She said that it was her grandmothers, her mother had given it to her after her grandmother died because my mother used to bake. She said since she didn’t bake anything much anymore, and I did, I might as well have it. Of course it being the closest thing to a family heirloom I’ve got, I didn’t dare use it for baking in case it got damaged. Instead I had it sitting on my desk for ages and every now and then, when I had something that I didn’t have another spot for, into the bowl it would go.

Sitting on top of my desk as it did, it survived the flood, and this morning while I was waiting for the shower to be free I tipped it out on the bed and sorted through the goods. There is actually some really useful stuff in there. Needles, threads, bobbins, fabric eraser, bias maker, and most importantly a small rotary cutter that I had put away when I purchased a larger one. I lost the larger one in the flood, as well as my good pair of sewing scissors and was starting to wonder how I would cut out more blocks, when I had finished sewing the ones I had ready. Now I can cut out to my heart’s content. Great Gran’s bowl to the rescue (picture below complete with contents). Maybe one day I will actually use it for baking.

This story is in fact a cover for the fact that I haven’t finished any blocks today and so don’t have any other nice pictures. I am rather proud of my self though, as I finished the Being and Nothingness chapter on bad faith this morning and am now on to part two, which is all about being for itself (so more about consciousness).


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  1. I hate to pour cold water on the baking bowl, but since Great Gran Curran died after we moved to Australia, and Mum wasn’t doing much baking by then, I doubt it was hers. However it may have been Great Gran Finn’s. Funnily enough we have an almost identical one that Andy’s mum handed on to us (possibly from her mum) that we use as a fruit bowl (and I occasionally use as a mixing bowl when I’m doing feasts and need a really large bowl).

  2. yeah, I thought Mum might be embellishing a bit. Maybe she bought the bowl with money sent from Great Gran or something. It was a nice story though. To be honest its far better for storing stuff in than it would be for baking with. It’s just too heavy.

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