Am feeling very proud of myself. I haven’t done much, but sometimes you have to celebrate minor victories. I was really tired after work and didn’t do any sewing on the train on the way home. Just sat there like a zombie, trying to restrain myself from glaring at all the other passengers for being noisy/invading my personal space etc. Then when I got here I decided I would sew, even though I didn’t feel like it. I was just going to pick the easiest block and do that. So I did, and then I did a little bit more. I only finished the one block, but I made a good start on a couple of more complicated ones.

The reading is going well. Though I am back on the topic of consciousness and how Being in itself differs from Being for itself, which I find slightly less than enthralling.

It is so sticky and humid here right now that I am going to go have a cold shower before I have some dinner.

108 Arkansas Crossroads


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