Australia Post


Was feeling very productive, until I realised I haven’t actually done that much today. Though I suppose I have done lots of stuff, but it was more like incidental, organising kind of stuff. I looked at few houses, and got a new cord for my sewing machine. I had a rather long nap during the afternoon, after I decided I was just going to shut my eyes and rest my head for a while. I can’t believe I am already feeling tired again.

The good news is that while I didn’t get round to reading any Sartre I did get the new cord for my sewing machine and sewed two blocks. The other good news is, and this is where the whinge about Australia Post comes into things, this morning my brother gave me some mail he had picked up at our old place which included a recipe book I had on order and a quilting magazine. So, I am quite excited about sitting down this evening with a magazine and a new recipe book and doing some reading. I can’t believe though that Australia Post actually delivered mail to a house that no longer has a mailbox, front door, or garage door. They just left the parcel on the stairs. If my brother hadn’t gone back to meet a disaster assessor person we would never have even known it was there. Hopefully the mail redirection will kick in shortly, but I might have to go back to the old place a couple of times to make sure they haven’t delivered anything else.

112 Rambler

90 Arizona. This one is a bit wonky, but I started it on the machine without the 1/4 inch foot


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