24 January 2011


I’ll start off with some Sartre, because its been bugging me since I read it on the train this morning. Sartre says that desire in humans shows evidence of a lack, of nothingness. He concludes that desire can’t be a psychic state because a psychic state is only what it is, and if a thing is what it is then it needs nothing extra to complete it, hence no desire. Perhaps I am interpreting his use of the term psychic state wrong but I am imagining it to be something like a mental state, and if that is the case then I have to say his whole argument seems flawed. My mental state includes all my thoughts, feelings and any awareness I have of the outside world at this particular moment. It seems quite plausible to say that my mental state is what it is, it needs nothing extra and that it includes desire.   

I am also quite fascinated by the idea he raises that Descartes’ cogito (the statement I think therefore I am) is limited to each individual moment. If all you can know is I think, therefore I exist, then you can only know that for each particular moment in time, you have no future or past knowledge, only a present.

I did manage to do one block tonight when I got home from work. It almost didn’t happen because the e-reader I ordered arrived today and I had to make the difficult decision to drag my self away from it and do my sewing. 

I am finding that it is much easier to get accurate matched seams when I am dealing with larger pieces, and when I am not getting distracted by my almost one year old nephew singing to himself as he plays with his toys. He doesn’t talk yet but he makes a range of sounds of various pitch which he seems to repeat in patterns.

151 Jagged Edge


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