26 January 2011


Its been a kind of tiring day. I spent most of the morning cutting out new blocks. It went quite well because I did buy a new 45mm rotary cutter yesterday so I got through a good many blocks with a lot of pieces. I was thinking though as I did it; imagine how much time it would have taken to cut out the bits for a decent sized bed quilt before rotary cutters were invented. When you had to make the template, draw around it and cut out every single piece, one at a time with scissors. It made me wonder whether people value time differently now than they did in the past. I don’t think people were any less busy then than they are now, in fact they may have even had more to do. Perhaps the difference is in the cost of labour versus the cost of goods which means reasonably cheap quilts can be bought in a shop. Say it takes me 80 hours to make a quilt, even at a reasonably cheap $15 an hour, any quilt that sells for less than $1200 is going to be a bargain. Especially since I haven’t factored in the cost of materials. However 100 years ago I may have only been paid $2 a week, by that scheme of things a quilt would have to cost less than $4 to be a similar time bargain. I don’t know the actual cost of quilts 100 years ago, but I’m going to guess and say it was probably more that $4. Maybe I should google it. 

In between all this pondering I did actually manage to get some sewing done. I finished three blocks, and partially finished a 3rd. It took about 4 hours, they were pretty fiddly blocks though. I am coming to the conclusion that I am not a fiddly person.

No Sartre was read.

148 Church Steps

118 Beacon Lights

104 Stepping Stones


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