31 January 2011


Managed to do a bit of reading on the train this morning, and I think I am starting to understand why Sartre is going on so much about possibilities and a load of other stuff. If we as humans are the ones who create possibilities then perhaps we can understand something about ourselves if we understand the how and why of them. That’s not to say I agree with all his conclusions about possibilities, but it makes it a lot less frustrating to read when I understand where it is heading.

Only one block today. Which is not too bad. I struggled a bit with this one because of the sharp pointy pieces. When you are dealing with 45 degree angles you just place the two seams up against each other and sew, with other angles you have to offset a little, a 1/4 inch seams worth. I suppose I should probably figure out exactly how much and measure and mark my bits, but I think I did alright just eying it off, and with a little unpicking when necessary.

I did start two other blocks but once I got started I realised I was missing a few pieces. Obviously I got a little distracted while cutting out.

147 Bow

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