Can objects have potentiality? I think I have been getting a little confused about this because I have been thinking about it in terms of potential like potential energy or momentum. If I throw a ball, at any particular moment before it lands and stops it has a kind of potential, because in the next moment it will move forward some more. If I know everything about the ball, and the laws of physics I can tell you exactly where the ball will go. What it doesn’t have is choice, and I think that is what Sartre means by potentiality. The ball can’t suddenly reverse its direction and come back to me. I guess the ultimate question is whether people have potentiality. I’m not convinced that they do but I’m not sure whether it is the case that people don’t have choice or whether they might have choice but most never use it.

Block tonight is Wild Goose Chase 1, seams are a little bendy but it’s not too bad. Plus I went out today and got some supplies so I can draft up some blocks for english paper piecing.

173 Wild Goose Chase 1


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