11 February 2010


I actually managed to get through three blocks today. They were quite simple blocks, english paper pieced, but still it is quite an achievement.

The first I did this morning at 6am. I woke up too early, gave up trying to sleep at 5.30am and decided to read. After I got through reading 2 pages I realised that it was a complete waste of time because the information just wasn’t staying in my head. So I sewed instead.

The second block was finished on the train, and the third was finished when I got home.

I have left the papers in, along with the yucky orange thread I used to tack with, because I want them to keep their shape and it will make them easier to sew together later on if I decide to use them for something.

They are all numbers. There is a section of blocks at the back of the block book that is all letters and numbers and I when I started cutting out my blocks for english paper piecing last night I decided to start at the back of the book and work forward (where as with the machined blocks I am starting at the front of the book and working forward).

1003 Zero

1000 Seven

999 Six


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