The future

I am really struggling to understand Sartre’s bit about the future, and how he thinks the future connects to the past and the present. I am not really sure whether it is really unclear writing or whether it is my fuzzy head. Probably a combination of both. Will try re-reading tomorrow and see how I go.
It was obscenely hot here so I turned on the air conditioning and sewed. When I was done with three blocks I bagged up and sorted all the blocks I have done over the last couple of weeks, and cut out a few more for hand piecing. While I was doing it I realised that the number six I had done two days ago was backwards. This evenings job is to unpick and sew back the right way round.

I have also updated the gallery (link on the right hand side) which shows all the blocks I have completed so far. 

994 One

993 Lower Case z

996 Three


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