14 February 2011


I had slightly more fun reading this morning, it seemed to sink into the brain a little more. I suspect I have reached a slightly more understandable topic (the passage of time rather than the characteristics of each segment of time). 

I had a slightly bizarre experience english paper piecing on the train. One of my bits of paper vanished. One minute it was there and the next it was gone. I had a good look in my bag and on the floor all round my seat and couldn’t find it. Perhaps it floated away. I can imagine someone finding this thing later and wondering what on earth this bizarre piece of paper was for.

I did manage to fix up my six yesterday. Here it is the right way round.

999 Six fixed

I also managed to get some more blocks done, two english paper piecing, and one on the machine. Apologies for the rather lurid green thread used for the tacking on the english paper pieced ones. I am still trying to remember where I got that particular thread from, I think it was included in a sample bag I got at a workshop.

1001 Eight

990 Upper Case Y

162 Cane Pattern


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  1. Things like that happen to me all the time. Pens, notebooks, sewing equipment, cups. They disappear into thin air. Then they usually turn up under Ashwyn’s bed….

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