16 February 2011


Am feeling much better today. Was awake at the crack of dawn as usual, and pretty much my normal morning loving self except with slighty more snot. For a while I was worried that I was rapidly turning into an insomniac but then I remembered that I am always like this at this time of year and I will get over it quite rapidly once winter comes and it is no longer light in the mornings.

The bonus is that being perky at 5.30 am makes it easy to get stuff done before work, like reading. I had a bit of a semi-epiphany when I was reading this morning. Really what Sartre is on about is dualism. You have mind stuff (being for itself) and body stuff (being in itself). If that is the case and Sartre has found a solution to Descartes’ problem of how you get the two to meet then he probably deserves the title of genius. Right now I am seeing too many flaws in arguments, in between the bits I don’t understand, that I am still withholding judgement.

I did do some blocks though, and I am starting to feel like I am getting back into the swing of the whole blocks thing.

998 Five

992 Z

988 X


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