Still on the topic of time, and I still have another 40 pages of this chapter to go so you will have to bear with me on this topic for a little while longer.

According to Sartre there are problems with time being a continuity. I’m still trying to understand why. I think it is because Sartre wants to know how the continuity happens. I don’t seem to have so much of a problem with that, but then I don’t think we have quite the same concept of the way a thing is in time. As with a lot of topics he’s not really clear about how he sees something, but very clear about how it isn’t.  I’m thinking thing are in time like things are in rivers. If the thing moves in the river in a certain direction it does so because rivers flows. If it didn’t flow it wouldn’t be a river, it would be a lake. Similarly, if time wasn’t continuous it wouldn’t be time. I guess you can ask why the river flows just as you can ask why time is continuous but it seems like it is something that is more a question of scientific fact rather than philosophical puzzle.

I only got two blocks done today, but I did buy lots of shoes so I am feeling quite pleased with myself.

989 x

987 w


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