Reading twice


I have been thinking today about the way I read, more particularly am I reading Sartre properly. I heard somewhere that you should always read philosophical texts twice. Once to get the general gist of the thing and the second to really understand it. I don’t know that I have time to read everything twice. I might have to make do with reading a little more thoroughly instead of trying to read it like I would a novel.

Three blocks today, all english paper pieced. I have already broken my pledge to do a 1/2 hour on the machine every day, but then I did go grocery shopping after work instead of coming straight home, that and I spent some time ploughing my way through my mortgage documentation. So I don’t feel exactly like I was wasting time.

979 s

974 Q

981 t


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  1. Having become accustomed to reading novels fast i find it’s a real challenge to slow down, think and absorb the information when reading ‘hard’ stuff, especially when the material starts feeling tedious. I found Sophie’s World a bit that way, and that was philosophy for dummies! Let us know how you go with the adjustment.

    • I loved Sophie’s World. It’s a great book to make people curious.

      I did try and slow down a little bit more this morning when I was reading, but I was eating cereal at the time, which didn’t really help my concentration any.

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