The bit of Being and Nothingness I am reading at the moment is about reflection. Sartre suggests that philophers in the past valued reflection because it allowed them access to a moment in time i.e. Descartes ‘I think therefore I am’ gives access to the moment of thinking.

According to Sartre this is a problem because of the structure of the for-itself (which is us basically). The for-itself is only itself in the past. In the present moment the for-itself is not itself, it is possibility. Now if reflection is someone being conscious of  themselves then reflection can only access the past, because the person is not themself in the present. That kind of makes sense, in a twisted way, but I am not sure it is a huge problem. I think what the philosophers were valuing when they valued reflection was the ability to form knowledge based on reflection. Descartes ‘I think therefore I am’ was not valuable because it was reflection but because it gave a starting point upon which he could found his knowledge of the world. In this case does it really matter whether the reflection only gives us the past? Surely what matters is that it gives us something?

Only two blocks today. I didn’t do much sewing, a little by hand and a little by machine, but I did do a load of cutting out. That and some baking. I have made some delicious looking pumpkin and feta damper, and have a cheesecake in the oven which I need to go check on in a minute.

952 F

946 C


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