1 March 2011


I have spent the evening having a slight disagreement with my computer. For some reason it thought making high pitch beeping sounds instead of turning on was in some way useful. It only decided to start working after I took off the side of the case and cleaned out all the dust and cobwebs. Maybe I need to invent a computer that cleans itself out, kind of like a self-defrosting fridge.

I’m not doing too well with the philosophising. I did do some reading this morning. Not sure how much of it has sunk in, not a lot I am guessing as the only thing I can remember of it was the rather fascinating comment from the translator that this section was complicated by the fact that the French have different words for each different meaning of the term reflection.

I am getting on quite well with the sewing though. Well enough that I am actually managing to stay a day ahead of myself. So I have finished three blocks for tomorrow already, and the ones for today I finished yesterday.

972 P

186 Turnstile

185 Pinwheel

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