Back and feeling lazy


My computer is back and working after some internal twiddling. I’m not sure what was wrong with it, but we took stuff out and put it back again and then it turned on fine. I think it was having the technological equivalent of a hissy fit.

I am feeling lazy because I don’t think I have done any reading the last couple of days. Mostly because work has been crazy and my energy levels are not being helped by the weather. It is not that hot, but the humidity is back up over 75%. I am going to have to try to get back into some sort of routine tomorrow.

I do have some blocks to show off though. I am almost done with letters and numbers. I am trying to decide whether I am sick of them already or whether I will miss them when I am done.

943 a

189 Broken Pinwheel

183 Wheel of Fortune four patch

964 L

963 k

954 G

951 e

950 E


961 j

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