I have  come to a kind of compromise with myself. I will continue on with the Sartre, and I will set aside a block of time on the weekend to go back through from the beginning and go through in more detail bits which I don’t really understand. Hopefully eventually I will catch myself back up.

At the moment I am still on reflection, a discussion about how it can count as knowledge. Sartre seems to think that it can’t count as complete knowledge because the reflector is always part of the reflected on. I’m not sure how I feel about that, but then my head is still slightly foggy. I am curious as to how it works if we try to reflect on something which is not ourselves i.e. can I reflect on a quilt, and that reflection give me knowledge of that quilt. I am inclined to say that if we take Sartre’s argument as correct it doesn’t matter whether I am reflecting on something that is me or outside me. The reflection is always reflection by me, the reflector is inseparable from the reflection, and that limits knowledge. I don’t really like that as a conclusion though. I’d like to think I can have firm knowledge of something, but I guess just because I’d like it doesn’t make it so.

On the block front – I have been getting back into the machine sewing a little which is good. I am also a little excited because I picked up a fabric glue stick yesterday and am hoping I am going to be able to use that instead of tacking my paper piecing. I will let you know how I go.

196 Years favourite

193 Colorado

192 Brave World


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  1. I am quite comfortable with the idea that the reflection is based entirely in the point of view of the reflector. Maybe that’s because it’s the central idea of relativity – that there is no absolute frame of reference.

    Hope you feel better soon anyway. I have also had a virus-y sort of thing that seems to have robbed me of all energy. It seems to be going around.

    • Tricky question for you. Do you think relativity disproves the existence of God?
      At least the idea of an all powerful, present everywhere kind of God. I guess I am thinking of it in terms of that old out from idealism. The table doesn’t cease to exist when you leave the room because it exists in the mind of God. God becomes the absolute frame of reference. While each of two individuals travelling towards each other at approaching the speed of light may experience different and contradictory things, there is an absolute truth from the perspective of an observer of all things. If you have real physical relativity, can you have a God who sees all, or knows all? If there was would it mean they would have to hold as true both the contradictory experiences of the two individuals at the same time.

      I don’t know, there’s a lot of woolly, unformed thinking in this, but then I am still really snotty.

      • You know I never thought of it from that point of view. I suppose, if you think of God as the ultimate frame of reference within the universe then yes relativity does disprove the existence of such a god. But then ultimately science is inconsistent with a god who is present and active in the universe, because it assumes that physical law always holds in all times and placesand that there is a natural explanation for all observed phenomena. Science is not inconsistent with a god that exists outside the universe. Whether you could say such a god is the ultimate observer I don’t know, as it’s pretty much impossible for us to tell whether someone outside the universe could actually observe the inside or not.

  2. On consideration I probably wouldn’t use the term disprove, more something along the lines of is not supportive of the concept of… Mostly because disproving stuff is harder than it sounds, even more so when dealing with the ineffable.

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