More reflection


I have come to the conclusion that Sartre is not using the term reflection in the same way that I would use the term reflection. Mostly because he says it’s not remembering, and it would seem almost impossible to reflect on something without there being some element of remembering as part of it.

Mostly I am just feeling frustrated at the moment because I am not sure whether he has explained reflection and I haven’t understood it, or whether he is just not explaining things clearly. I suspect it may be a combination of the two. 

I wasn’t too impressed with the fabric glue stick which I tried last night. It seemed to stick fabric to cardboard fine, but fabric to fabric not at all. So the second fold on my pieces for english paper piecing didn’t go down well at all. It might work well enough if you were going to sew the pieces immediately after gluing, but I usually tack the night before so all my pieces are ready to go for sewing on the train the next day.

949 d

947 c

945 b


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