Busy, but am I doing the right things?


I’ve had one of those days where you are incredibly busy but at the end of it you think – Oh drat, I forgot to do that thing I meant to do, the really important thing. The problem is I’m not sure what the really important thing was.

I only got one block sewn, but I did do a lot of cutting out. I didn’t do a lot of reading, but I started a glossary (link to the right) of words that I have had to look up (there will be more, those ones were just from the first 2 pages). It’s kind of strange but some of them are words that if I read in a novel I would know what they meant just from the context, but because of the way Sartre uses them you get the urge to check that you are sure. Others have specific philosophical uses and others are foreign language words. It should come in handy because usually I have to keep looking the same words up, because I forget them. Now I have a handy reference.

201 Pieced Star


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