14 March 2011


The cold is almost past. My nose has almost stopped running and all that is left is a cough that sounds like I smoke 2 packets of cigarettes a day.

Sartre is kind of annoying me at the moment. He had a whole page about the ego, not just about the ego, but actually defining what the ego was. Mostly this bugs me because it’s the first time he has actually clearly defined any of his terms in this depth, and with that level of clarity, in the 180 odd pages I have read so far. There were other topics that needed it more.

Only one block today. Mostly because my handpiecing blocks are getting more complicated and I was running late on my way home from work because I stopped off to get some wool (and groceries – but they are no where near as important or interesting). I just found out someone is having a baby, so I am going to knit some booties… and make a quilt of course. 

202 Pinwheel variation


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