16 March 2011


Am feeling a little vindicated. According to Sartre psychology fails to unify the individual, leaving nothing but a series of nows with no explanation for how they are connected.

I am still struggling with the reading, mostly because I am so forgetful and I have a tendency to completely forget stuff I have read only hours or days before. Which is not good when the stuff I have forgotten is being used to justify the point that is been made now. In some ways thinking of myself as a series of unconnected nows would explain the shonky memory better than thinking of myself as some smooth unified being. If nothing connects the nows, it seems perfectly reasonable that some of them get lost along the way. I don’t know, I’m not making much sense tonight.

On other fronts I am doing a little bit better. The cold is still in gradual decline, it is sticking around just enough to make me a little bit miserable but not enough to incapacitate. I am doing a fair bit of hand sewing on the train during my commute and am trying to work myself up to doing some machine sewing. 

I have been thinking about starting to put some of the blocks together into a quilt. The problem is that some of the blocks are hand pieced and some are machine pieced and I have never been really confident about joining the two. I have been thinking that perhaps I could tack the machine pieced ones over a square of cardboard and join by hand, but that would be rather time-consuming. If anyone has any other suggestions I would love to hear them.

232 Arabic Lattice

221 Houndstooth


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  1. I know what the forgetful journey is like…. in my case it was a hormone balance disorder. But I must say that in some stages I was terrified that I was developing early Alzheimer’s (at 50). I am happy to share more with you privately

    • That must have been scary, but at least it sounds like something they are able to do something about.
      The human body and brain are so robust in so many ways and so fragile in others.

      However, in my case I have always been like this, so I’m pretty sure its not an illness. When I think about it I am not sure whether I am actually forgetting things or whether I am just not learning them to start with. I’ve always struggled with paying attention to what I am doing.

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