Finished a Chapter


Will try not to have a whinge tonight, I know I have been doing it a lot lately, but I am trying to be more positive. I need to celebrate the small wins, and not be so impatient. Things take time. You can’t expect to read and understand a six hundred page book in one night, or make 1000 quilt blogs with no effort.

So, today’s blog is about celebrating the little wins. I finished a chapter. Woke up way too early this morning, read my two pages and then realised I only had another two to go til the end of the chapter. I had extra time so I read them too. Sartre and I have now, hopefully, put the topic of temporality and the failings of psychology behind us.

I got a fair bit of sewing done on the train too, I finished one block and got a good way towards finishing another. I finished two more on the machine when I got home.

222 Houndstooth scrap patch

209 Dutchmans Puzzle

205 Old windmill


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