19 March 2011


I haven’t done any reading today. I started the day with the best of intentions too.

It has rained here most of the day, so I have spent most of the day sewing and reading a magazine. I did do a bit of cleaning and got groceries first thing so I feel like I haven’t been totally negligent. I only did one block today, but I did put together a small quilt top from the fabric I got for my birthday.

I can’t write much more than that as I have my one year old nephew clambering round wanting to unpack all my fabric and play with all the computer bits he can get his sticky little hands on.

Quilt top

184 Delectable Mountains


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  1. Please watch your nephew with the sewing scissors and the electric cables…. my husband aged 2 tried to cut his mother’s cables and our older son repeated the family tradition at 18 months.

    • I have already discovered I have to watch him like a hawk. He doesn’t quite have the coordination just yet to operate scissors, but he is quite fascinated by the pressure foot on the sewing machine, and likes to pick it up and pull on it. However, at the moment his favourite game is taking all my fabric off the shelf and making piles from it. Which is annoying for me, but fairly harmless for him.

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