I had so many plans for today and I did quite well to start off with. I made a block, and pinned the top I made yesterday for quilting, and then I went to the movies and have come back completely worn out. So I am giving myself the rest of the day off. I may do some hand quilting later tonight while watching something completely mindless on tv.

The block I did today got me thinking about things though. See photo below. Basically its a swastika, and there seems to be a lot of them in the book. Now I know these quilt blocks pre-date the use of the symbol by the Nazis, and are based on the original hindu symbol. However, the Nazi use of it has imbued it with so much meaning in modern society that I don’t know that I could ever possibly use the block in a quilt. That’s the power of symbolism I guess. 

I was thinking I could save up all the blocks that contain swastikas and put them all in one quilt, but then I would be stuck with what to do with it. Plus if anything happened to me and someone was sorting through my stuff and came across a swastika quilt what would they think. 

Let me know what you think? Have you ever made or seen a quilt that contains swastikas? How did you feel about it?

211 Rolling Pin Wheel


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  1. You know it is occasionally a little bit jarring to see swastikas in eastern art, but you could always try making ‘male’ swastikas (the arms go the other way) – it amused me no end to find out that the Nazi swastika is a ‘female’ swastika. But if the picture you’ve posted is an example of most of them, I wouldn’t worry about it too much. With the floral pattern and the embellished bits I wouldn’t have recognised this as a swastika without you pointing it out.

    • You might not have noticed it at first, but eventually if you kept looking at it long enough you would probably have noticed it.

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