Is knowledge only ever intuition?


Am getting started on the subject of transcendence, and it is already bugging me. Though it is entirely possible that I am annoyed about stuff from work today and I am transferring my feelings of anger and frustration to the text. Highly likely since I don’t remember being this annoyed when I read it this morning.

According to Sartre knowledge is only ever intuition. Even things like logical deduction lead to intuition. Which just seems to be wrong, at least it does if you take the common definition of the word. I would think of  intuition as feeling rather than knowing, but maybe I am wrong. Maybe knowing is feeling. However, since Sartre defines intuition as “presence of consciousness to the thing” perhaps what he is saying is that knowing is experience.

I have two blocks for show and tell. The first is the block I was sewing on the train on Friday. I actually finished it Friday night but then forgot I had done it. The second is one that I have been piecing using running stitch. I finished it on the train today. It actually went together a lot better than other blocks I have done by running stitch in the past. It was a lot less stretchy and my seams seemed to match up better. I think that is because I found a better way of pinning. Though I have to say that pinning and un-pinning on the train was not fun.

253 T quartette

154 Indian Plume


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