27 March 2011


Am having a slightly strange day. I have actually got a few things done, yet I still feel decidedly lazy.  I think it is because I abandoned the list and decided I was just going to do what ever took my fancy. For some reason at some point that included cleaning out the filter on the stove hood, but I did also do a load of sewing and managed to finish three blocks, including one that had been bugging me for a while.

180 World's fair puzzle

 The sailboat one is the one I was struggling with. I got started on it a while ago, but put it aside, not sure why. I think it was just too big. Today it went together no problems at all.

149 Sailboat

161 Fish tales

It took me a while to figure out where the fish bit in the title of this block came from, but there is a quite definite fish in the bottom right hand corner (brown body, red fins). If you put a number of these blocks together, you’d get a really cute shoal of fish.


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