28 March 2011


It’s been so long since I did any philosophising (is that actually a word?) that I am feeling a little out of practice, and not really sure where to start.

I did do a little reading this morning. I am still on the topic of knowing and knowledge, and quibbling with Sartre over definitions. For example he says that because intuition has been defined as “the immediate presence of the knower to the known” and then proceeds to define immediate as without a mediator, i.e. that there is nothing between them. I would have interpreted immediate in that sentence as being immediate in time. Which would give completely different outcomes to his subsequent argument about the relationship between the knower and the known.

Perhaps a part of it is that I am reading a translation and words have different nuances in other countries. However, despite 2 years of lessons in high school, my french consists of hello, and for some reason the pen of my aunt (I think I picked that up from Asterix). While it would be nice to become more fluent it’s not something I am not going to go out and do right now (immediately?).

I have blocks. I am actually a bit ahead of myself at the moment. I have 2 days worth sitting there completed. Is that cheating? I don’t think so. This way if everything else goes pear-shaped I still have something to post about.

Not sure that I like the fabric in these ones. They were from a load of fat quarters I bought on sale. I thought they were alright in the shop but now I am starting to think they are slightly garish. 

277 Basic Nine Patch

378 Red Cross 1

282 Double Irish Chain 2


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