Is a quilt just a lot of bits of material


I am not usually germ phobic, but I did have a moment on the train this morning, as people on three sides of me were coughing and sneezing, when I briefly thought that investing in some sort of face mask would be a good idea. I eventually decided against it because when I am sewing on the train I usually stick the needle in my mouth when I am not using it. I know it’s quite gross, but it leaves my hand free for tying knots and sorting things out. I suppose I could try to stick it in my shirt or something and it would have the same end, but bad habits are hard to break, and I still don’t think I would get a face mask.

Sartre is discussing whether there is such a thing as a whole world, or whether it is never any more that a composite of individual things. He says not and at first I kind of agreed with him. However, on consideration I feel there is something more to a whole than its parts. Take a quilt for example, the quilt is made up of bits of material, wadding, backing, thread, binding, but the quilt is more than just these bits. To me the quilt is in the way the bits go together, the way they are organised. There is something similar when you think about the whole world/universe, a kind of universal organisation (captured by the laws of physics).

382 Basket Weave 1

380 Nine patch variation

172 Chinese Puzzle 2


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