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24 March 2011


I only have one block to show off and not an awful lot of reading to talk about.

My plan is to spend the evening tacking paper bits and marking up for hand sewing so that I can get a bit more accomplished on the train tomorrow.

227 Water wheel 2

Learning with out applying


Is there any point in learning if you don’t apply it to how you do things? I guess it depends on the kind of learning it is. Some learning if it is about ways to do things so you end up with a better result seems like it should be applied. For example, I have learnt that when applying right-angled triangles to the corners of squares it might make for a more accurately pieced block if I were to make a template or measure and mark a sewing line and that seams go together better when I pin. But I didn’t do either of those things when I made the Kansas dugout block this afternoon. I didn’t trim away the excess fabric from behind either, or be extra mindful when I was sewing so that my seams didn’t twist.

I guess at the end of the day if you are happy with the result you get for the effort you put in then there is no incentive to put in more effort. The question I have to ask is whether I am really happy with the results I am getting or whether I would like a better ones.

Here’s the Kansas Dugout block, and another one that I finished paper piecing last night.

165 Kansas Dugout

188 Positively Negative

no pictures today


Sorry, no blocks today.

I just haven’t had time to do an awful lot, and now I have run out of energy.

I did do some reading this morning. Sartre is just going through the difference between internal and external negation, which are pretty straight forward surprisingly. External negation is negation between two things with a witness i.e. I might say this quilt is not a log cabin. Internal negation is something which actually affects the thing negated, for example if I say I am not rich. My not being rich might affect my behaviour and my feelings, where as the quilt is not at all affected by not being a log cabin.

Is knowledge only ever intuition?


Am getting started on the subject of transcendence, and it is already bugging me. Though it is entirely possible that I am annoyed about stuff from work today and I am transferring my feelings of anger and frustration to the text. Highly likely since I don’t remember being this annoyed when I read it this morning.

According to Sartre knowledge is only ever intuition. Even things like logical deduction lead to intuition. Which just seems to be wrong, at least it does if you take the common definition of the word. I would think of  intuition as feeling rather than knowing, but maybe I am wrong. Maybe knowing is feeling. However, since Sartre defines intuition as “presence of consciousness to the thing” perhaps what he is saying is that knowing is experience.

I have two blocks for show and tell. The first is the block I was sewing on the train on Friday. I actually finished it Friday night but then forgot I had done it. The second is one that I have been piecing using running stitch. I finished it on the train today. It actually went together a lot better than other blocks I have done by running stitch in the past. It was a lot less stretchy and my seams seemed to match up better. I think that is because I found a better way of pinning. Though I have to say that pinning and un-pinning on the train was not fun.

253 T quartette

154 Indian Plume


I had so many plans for today and I did quite well to start off with. I made a block, and pinned the top I made yesterday for quilting, and then I went to the movies and have come back completely worn out. So I am giving myself the rest of the day off. I may do some hand quilting later tonight while watching something completely mindless on tv.

The block I did today got me thinking about things though. See photo below. Basically its a swastika, and there seems to be a lot of them in the book. Now I know these quilt blocks pre-date the use of the symbol by the Nazis, and are based on the original hindu symbol. However, the Nazi use of it has imbued it with so much meaning in modern society that I don’t know that I could ever possibly use the block in a quilt. That’s the power of symbolism I guess. 

I was thinking I could save up all the blocks that contain swastikas and put them all in one quilt, but then I would be stuck with what to do with it. Plus if anything happened to me and someone was sorting through my stuff and came across a swastika quilt what would they think. 

Let me know what you think? Have you ever made or seen a quilt that contains swastikas? How did you feel about it?

211 Rolling Pin Wheel

19 March 2011


I haven’t done any reading today. I started the day with the best of intentions too.

It has rained here most of the day, so I have spent most of the day sewing and reading a magazine. I did do a bit of cleaning and got groceries first thing so I feel like I haven’t been totally negligent. I only did one block today, but I did put together a small quilt top from the fabric I got for my birthday.

I can’t write much more than that as I have my one year old nephew clambering round wanting to unpack all my fabric and play with all the computer bits he can get his sticky little hands on.

Quilt top

184 Delectable Mountains



Started a new chapter this morning, and so far it has just been a recap of the arguments so far and a preview of what the chapter is going to be about – transcendence. Basically it is about how people can have access to knowledge about the world outside of themselves.

I didn’t get much done on the train, sewing wise, mostly because I kept forgetting how the block I was working on was meant to go together. So there was a bit of unpicking. Eventually when I had a spare seat next to me I managed to lay it all out and figure out which bit went where. I didn’t get it finished but I did make a block when I got home on the sewing machine.

204 Peace and Plenty

Heres a photo of the block I was doing on the train. I took a photo so I could refer to that rather than having to keep putting it all back together.