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I thought I had two blocks finished today, and then as I was resizing the photos I realised that one of them had one piece round the wrong way. Oh well, I should be able to fix it up easily enough tomorrow.

I am trying a new theme on the blog. It seems to have fixed the problem of blogs going everywhere but I am not sure I like it as much as the old one. I will keep experimenting I guess.

213 Shaded Trails

29 April 2010


I have done no reading and I have no blocks done and my blog has gone weird. I’m too tired to try to fix it now.

Will try to focus on the positives, we have a long weekend here. I have a block almost three-quarters done, and in less than a week I am going to be the owner of my very own house.

Breakfast and disappointment


I am not a breakfast person. Usually I make a batch of chocolate milk and have a glass when I get to work and then don’t eat anything till morning tea or lunch. However, after a certain amount of reflection I have decided I need to eat breakfast. Apparently if you don’t your brain thinks you are starving and starts producing natural pain killers, which throws everything out of whack. Which is a pain, because breakfast time happens to coincide with Sartre reading time, so I am going to have to find a new schedule that works somehow. If I am really efficient I can have something ready to pull out of the fridge and eat while I am doing my morning read, but it doesn’t entirely work, I don’t think I concentrate as well.

As for disappointment – well I have been making my own chocolate milk for a while and have started to notice that different types of chocolate behave differently. I tried a different type of chocolate last night and it is really disgusting. The cocoa solids seem to have regrouped in the milk when it cooled. So I am very disappointed. I am hoping that I can warm it up again and it will be okay, if not I have wasted a batch of drinking chocolate. The moral of the lesson is don’t skimp on chocolate. 

212 Carpenters Wheel


The best laid plans and all that


I was going to get so much done this weekend. So much for all that. Realised when I got to my Mum and Dad’s house that my sewing machine was still sitting on the floor of the garage waiting to be packed into the car. I didn’t get much sewing done at all the whole weekend. Just the one hand pieced block and some cutting out.

I got back home yesterday afternoon and when I started to sew on the machine I realised all my bits were cut out wrong and I was feeling really tired anyway so I kind of gave up. I did manage to finish a really simple block (hand piecing again) while I was watching tv. Really though on reflection I was having a just a little bit of a temper tantrum, however in the end the only one who suffered was me. My productivity was not helped by the fact that I found a new computer card game while at my parents and downloaded it to my computer when I got home, it’s so addictive.

I was a little more productive today and got some machine sewing done.


179 Grand left and right

194 End of Day
252 Four Crowns

Going on holiday

I am going on holiday. Well not really, not unless you count staying at my parents house as a holiday. But it is not here, and it is kind of in the country, so it will do as a holiday. I don’t know how much computer access I will be able to get, so I may not be able to post again till Monday or Tuesday.
I am feeling a little guilty though, firstly because of the large amounts of chocolate I have stashed in the fridge ready to go, and secondly because when I packed my bag, my copy of Being and Nothingness was not included. Plenty of sewing stuff, but no philosophy. I am not sure whether it is a genuine need for a break, or whether it is just part of my tendency at the moment to say about everything that isn’t going well – I’ll deal with it after I move. Either way, when I try to read at the moment my head is all over the place and I think I would gain very little knowledge from taking it. Hopefully, I will come back with a fresh head ready to get back into it.

Okay, the self justification session is over for the day, now you can have some blocks to look at.

207 Catch as you can

210 Yankee Puzzle


251 Mrs Morgans Choice




20 April 2011


Am finally getting back into the reading again. Sartre is talking about motion, about what it is and whether a thing is changed by motion. He seems to think it is not, I’m not sure about the significance of that. He certainly seems to think that all motion is in the eye of the beholder. I’m not so sure about that. I think stuff moves if you’re not there, however I can see that there is an element of measurement when there is an observer present that wouldn’t happen if no-one was there.

I’ve got three blocks for you today. One I finished on the machine at the weekend and two I have finished paper piecing. I am making good inroads into my stash of blocks to finish. I only have five more to machine piece, and I think 6 more to hand piece. I am probably not going to get them all finished by the weekend, but I think I can definitely aim to have them finished by the end of it, given that we have a five-day weekend here in Australia.

208 Wheeling triangles

146 Path through the woods178 Indian trails