You’re only getting a short post this morning because I am going to a chocolate party this evening. Also because the bit of Being and Nothingness I read this morning was about whether Space had being or whether it was only the relation between things created by us. Which doesn’t make sense to me because it means if the universe was the same size as it is now and contained only a table according to Sartre there would be no space.   
I am also trying to decide whether I keep making blocks with the fabric I don’t like, and if so do I try to work the blocks in with the other blocks I have made and hope they blend in, or do I keep them all together and make an ugly quilt and hope someone likes it.

265 Washington's Puzzle

269 Waste Not

383 Two colour double nine patch


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  1. Well I suppose if the universe contained only a table there would be no reason to suspect that the universe was any larger than the actual table. But the laws of physics are with you on this one. Space (and time) is definitely a kind of stuff.

    And speaking of chocolate I visited this place when I was in Canberra:

    • That looks yummy. The chocolate at the party was very disappointing. Basically they’d taken lollies and dipped them in the worst quality chocolate.

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