4 April 2011


I know last night I said I needed to do a whole heap of sewing to catch up. Well, I didn’t do any. I went back to reading my novel. I am not going to beat myself up about it though, I am enjoying it immensely. I am trying to decide whether Mr Knightly is in fact the ideal man, or whether he would be pompous and annoying in real life.

However, despite the many distractions available, progress is in fact being made. I read some Being and Nothingness this morning. A rather intriguing section about the qualities of objects, and their subjectivity or lack of it. Interesting, because Sartre is claiming that there is no subjectivity, that the quality rather than being something the object possesses is the object. Squareness, redness, and hand quilted are not properties of the quilt they are the quilt. He also claims that the qualities of a thing mingle and extend into each other. The redness is the squareness. I think this is taking things too far. In experiencing the redness of the quilt does that somehow include an experience of the squareness or are they experienced separately?

I also bought another glue stick. So am hoping to glue a load of blocks this evening, ready for sewing on the train tomorrow, and I did finish one block today.  

230 Mosaic


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