Getting very confused about instrumentality


I am getting very confused about instrumentality, which is supposed to be when something becomes a tool for doing something. For example, the instrumentality of my quilt is in its being used on my bed for warmth. However, in the same section Sartre is talking a lot about meaning, and it almost seems like he is treating meaning and instrumentality as the same thing, which I find confusing because I don’t think that they are. For example someone could create a quilt that expresses their thoughts or feelings about a particular topic. Is the meaning of the quilt the expression they were trying to make or the fact that I can use the same quilt for warmth? I guess if the quilt can be seen as a tool for expressing the quilt makers thoughts its instrumentality has the same underlying structure of the instrumentality of me using the quilt as a tool for warmth. Is the quilt the expression of an idea or the means for expressing it? Can it be both at the same time? So now you understand why I am kind of confused.

239 Return of the swallows


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