Spent most of the day at the machine, which was good. Had to force my self to quit when I got to the point when my back was aching and I wasn’t enjoying it so much any more. Most of the blocks I did were okay, but I am not going to post all of them today, I will stagger them over the week.

Still reading my library books. I have just finished the two books I borrowed on the kinds of clothes to buy/wear for your body type. Not my usual kind of thing, but I figured since I have to replace most of my wardrobe I might as well rebuild from the ground up with some sort of plan (instead of doing my usual thing of buying loads of things on sale without trying them on and then never wearing them because they are hideous/don’t fit/make me look fat).

The book I am reading at the moment is about the way food influences your brain chemistry, which is quite interesting. I might have to do some fact checking though, because you never know with that kind of thing, people often take a quite sound scientific idea and then twist it into a whole load of garbage. 

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