20 April 2011


Am finally getting back into the reading again. Sartre is talking about motion, about what it is and whether a thing is changed by motion. He seems to think it is not, I’m not sure about the significance of that. He certainly seems to think that all motion is in the eye of the beholder. I’m not so sure about that. I think stuff moves if you’re not there, however I can see that there is an element of measurement when there is an observer present that wouldn’t happen if no-one was there.

I’ve got three blocks for you today. One I finished on the machine at the weekend and two I have finished paper piecing. I am making good inroads into my stash of blocks to finish. I only have five more to machine piece, and I think 6 more to hand piece. I am probably not going to get them all finished by the weekend, but I think I can definitely aim to have them finished by the end of it, given that we have a five-day weekend here in Australia.

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