Going on holiday

I am going on holiday. Well not really, not unless you count staying at my parents house as a holiday. But it is not here, and it is kind of in the country, so it will do as a holiday. I don’t know how much computer access I will be able to get, so I may not be able to post again till Monday or Tuesday.
I am feeling a little guilty though, firstly because of the large amounts of chocolate I have stashed in the fridge ready to go, and secondly because when I packed my bag, my copy of Being and Nothingness was not included. Plenty of sewing stuff, but no philosophy. I am not sure whether it is a genuine need for a break, or whether it is just part of my tendency at the moment to say about everything that isn’t going well – I’ll deal with it after I move. Either way, when I try to read at the moment my head is all over the place and I think I would gain very little knowledge from taking it. Hopefully, I will come back with a fresh head ready to get back into it.

Okay, the self justification session is over for the day, now you can have some blocks to look at.

207 Catch as you can

210 Yankee Puzzle


251 Mrs Morgans Choice




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